A Virtual Assistant Stars in Lionsgate’s Upcoming Comedy, Jexi

The writers of The Hangover have taken a tech approach to their next film Jexi, which hits theatres October 11. Adam Devine, of Workaholics fame, stars in the comedy and plays a phone-obsessed man named Phil who has no social life outside of work. When Phil’s phone updates, it features a new Siri-like virtual assistant named Jexi who at first acts as Phil’s life coach and teaches him how to enjoy life more. However, Jexi, voiced by actress Rose Byrne, starts to act out when Phil becomes more detached from his phone and uses her AI against him by speaking out at inopportune times. Based on the trailer, the movie appears to depict the control people’s devices have over them and the harm it can cause when one is too reliant.

Academy-Award-Winning Movie Based on Virtual Assistant Released Pre-Alexa


Image Source: Warner Bros.

Six years ago, Spike Jonez released a film called Her based on a computer operating system named Samantha. The Academy-Award-winning movie starts Joaquin Phoenix who falls in love with his virtual assistant played by Scarlett Johansson. The sci-fi comedy takes place in the future, capturing a utopian world where litter is nonexistent and technology is very advanced. All interactions with Samantha in the movie are made via voice and the voice recognition is seemingly flawless. While the technology depicted in the movie is certainly far fetched for present day, like having a voice assistant automatically respond to your emails, there are many depicted use cases that are similar to today’s voice assistants like Amazon Alexa. Jonez was actually ahead of the curve, as Alexa launched one year after his movie.

Iconic Home Alone Recreated Scenes Using Modern Technology

A 2018 Google Home advertisement pulled at the heartstrings of all Home Alone fans by featuring Macaulay Culkin in a commercial showcasing the use of Google Home devices to trap burglars. In the 1990 movie Culkin’s characters infamously caught the burglars sans technology but the advertisement depicted using a Nest doorbell camera and Google Assistant to accomplish these tasks instead. The strategic Google promotion was launched just before Christmas, when the original film took place, and the perfect time for consumers to have a Google Home Hub on the mind. The appreciation and marketing of voice technology and smart home capabilities is only going to increase as the available products and advancements grow.

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