Google Assistant Oscars Ad

What Would Happen if Google Assistant Could Help Out Characters in Some Famous Movies?

Google is really nailing its brand marketing for Google Assistant courtesy of Hollywood. Some marketing trend forecasters have said nostalgia will be popular in 2019 and Google Home Hub took that to heart with two commercials that reprised Macaulay Culkin’s role in Home Alone. For the Academy Awards this week, Google featured scenes from famous movies to depict how they might have been different if Google Assistant had been available to the lead characters.

The ad starts out with HAL refusing to open the pod bay door in 2001: A Space Odyssey. But, astronaut David Bowman just asks his Google Home Mini to do it and the door opens. Think of it as the evolution of smart home. There’s a scene from Lady Bird where the main character jumps out of a car, but only after ordering a Lyft using Google Assistant on her smartphone. Drew Barrymore doesn’t have anything to fear from Scream’s Ghost Face since she can see him on a Nest security camera on here Google Home Hub and call the police. And Google Home Hub makes another appearance to show Rod Tidwell the money. It’s well worth a watch and does a nice job of integrating the nostalgia people have for popular movies with a variety of practical use cases that Google Assistant can perform today.


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