50 People Will Win Reebok Limited Edition Sneakers via Amazon Alexa and Google Home


Image Source: Reebok

Today Reebok launched a limited edition version of their Club C sneaker. As part of the product promotion, 50 people have the chance to win a pair by signing up via Amazon and Google Home. All participants have to do is ask Alexa or Google to “open Reebok Sneaker Drop” and then follow the prompts which include providing basic information like their age and email. Applicants can find out if they won on September 7th by asking their virtual assistant “Ask Reebok Sneaker Drop if I won.” The official passcode for the sneaker drop is “Get my Club Cs.”

The original Club C launched in the ‘80s around the time tennis shoes started becoming popular. This exclusive version is “Crystal Coated” and covered in Swarovski crystals, and inspired by musician Cardi B who is a Reebok brand ambassador.

Voice Assistant Importance as a Marketing Channel

Reebok’s bedazzled sneaker giveaway through voice assistants is just one part of a larger marketing campaign called Sport The Unexpected to capture the attention of 20-something consumers. In a survey of over 300 marketing professionals across agencies, consumer and business brands, Voicebot concluded that one quarter of marketing professionals believe voice assistants will be an extremely important marketing channel over the next 3-5 years. To no surprise, Alexa and Google Assistant lead the marketing pack, proving Reebok made the right choice in pairing with the two voice assistants for their campaign.

Reebok Sneaker Drop is the first Alexa skill or Google Action developed by the company, following in the footsteps of their competitors. Nike, in collaboration with R/GA and RAIN, introduced a real-time voice assistant sale on a new sneaker model during an NBA basketball game in February. The campaign was developed for Google Assistant and went on to earn three Cannes Lion awards for Creative eCommerce, Excellence in Brand Integration, and Sponsorships and Use of Integrated Media.

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