Learn from Voice Industry Experts and Innovators in the New Voicebot Webinar Series

You may have noticed that Voicebot recently launched a new educational webinar series. We are continually evaluating new ways to add value to the #VoiceFirst community. That has led us to launch research reports, a weekly podcast, daily podcast, a weekly news summary, a weekly newsletter, and a few other things over the past nearly three years.

Webinars represent our latest initiative and kicked off last month with webinars about Samsung Bixby, voice assistant SEO, and voice assistant adoption as a marketing channel. We continued that this month with a deeper dive into how Bixby works and later this month will welcome Gridspace which is a leader in the use of NLP technologies for sentiment analysis and information extraction applied to both real-time conversations and recorded audio.

We encourage you to check out the new webinar resources, suggest topic ideas, and reach out if you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming webinar. Also, register for the upcoming Gridspace webinar if you can attend or would like to be notified when the video recording is published.


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