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Voice Insider is a subscription newsletter by the creators of Voicebot.ai. It is not for everyone. Voicebot.ai produces a lot of free content—more than 50 articles each month, original research, a podcast—so most casual observers of the voice ecosystem are well served with our free content. The Voice Insider email newsletter is only for people that are on the inside of the industry, need to know the information that will never appear in Tech Crunch and The Verge, or have either a professional or personal obsession with knowing the story behind the story when it comes to voice AI. If this is not you, stop reading right now and check out all of the free stuff on this site.

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Okay, for those of you that are still here Voice Insider is a weekly subscription newsletter emailed directly to your inbox. It will inform you about things that voice industry insiders want to know ahead of their peers, competitors and customers. The Voicebot editorial team realized that we frequently come across interesting information related to the voice industry that doesn’t quite fit into our standard news coverage or research reports. Voice Insider is a channel for us to tell you about information which is useful to know but you otherwise might have missed. Each week we cover a key insight (Think Tank), a pro tip, look at the week ahead, present a chart of the week (often of data not published elsewhere), discuss rumors, upcoming events and more. And there are some other perks from time to time.

If you are interested, you can subscribe through our Patreon page and become a member for about $2 per issue and you instantly get access to all of the previous issues. Also, send us your tips about new hires, people moves, little-known-facts or rumors and more at info(at)voicebot.com.

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  • #24 – Investors Finally Moving Into Voice? Conversation.one Loses Both Founders, Changes Name, and Appears to be Rethinking Its Future
  • #23 – Microsoft Cortana to Focus on Enterprise, Plans to Support Google Assistant and Alexa, Voiceflow Gets Investment from Weekend Fund
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  • #20 – CES Updates from the Media Days and Voice Assistants at a Billion Devices for Just One Player – the battle for distribution
  • #19 – Voice Will be Bigger at CES in 2019 But the Headlines Will Be Forgettable as 2019 is About Practical Applications
  • #18 – Why smart speakers in Italy and Spain were more important than Google Duplex in 2018
  • #17 – Alexa gets another smart speaker partner, the impact on Google, Echo Show coming to India
  • #16 – Are voice assistants a new browser or OS?
  • #15 – Smart display sales languish, voice ratings take off
  • #14 – Should smart speakers be free? Understanding the strategies and options
  • #13 – Voice assistants and the rising duopoly, something peculiar about Google Home Hub
  • #12 – Voice assistants beyond the smart speaker, where else are they being used (exclusive early access to data)
  • #11 – Will there be one voice assistant or many, Alexa skill growth rate accelerates (exclusive data)
  • #10 – Updates on Viv in Bixby 2.0 and new U.S. smart speaker adoption numbers
  • #9 – Dynamic context explained through Alexa whisper mode and new patent, also exclusive data on smart speaker frequency of use
  • #8 – Voice apps as services, Google’s real-time translation services and exclusive data about hearables usage
  • #7 – Google Home Hub and Duplex roll out; how to position products for sale through Alexa
  • #6 – Advertisers warm up to voice assistants, Target could be an acquisition target for a voice tech giant
  • #5 – Alexa unleashed, skill counts by country, global smart speaker shipments by device
  • #4 – Apple Focuses on the Person, Amazon the Place, Google Everywhere; and what do 1P, 2P and 3P mean?
  • #3 – Not everyone is all-in on voice, American average time spent with media chart and implication for voice