Agent X

Realogy Debuts Voice Assistant for Real Estate Agents

Real estate giant Realogy Holdings debuted its new Agent X Alexa Skill this week. The digital voice assistant is designed to help agents and brokers affiliated with the companies under the larger Realogy umbrella.

Virtual Realty

Agents with the Agent X skill enabled can use the platform to “ask Agent X” for things like their listings and daily schedule. It can be used to track their transactions and get market intelligence for the areas they work in.

“We’re focused on arming agents with the best in tech and data,” said Chris Padilla, vice president of Product at Realogy, in an interview with Voicebot. Agent X is valuable to both brokers and agents. When we started we talked to agents, walked through a day in their lives, and realized that voice could make their lives easier.”

The skill is free to any agent under Realogy’s brands, which include Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Century 21, and Coldwell Banker. As Realogy is the biggest residential real estate company in the U.S., the data potentially available to agents is quite extensive.

“The marketing data comes from Realogy’s dataset, leveraged with machine learning to provide the most relevant information,” Padilla said. “Where voice adds value is by looking for information among the data when the agent is doing other things. Instead of looking up information or texting their office to ask, they can ask Agent X. When you think about it, it’s very much an augmentation to their day.”

Business Orientation

Real estate as a vertical for voice technology is still evolving. Some apartment complexes have their own voice skills, but professionals in the industry are mostly left to experiment with using voice assistants individually. For people looking to buy and sell real estate, there are skills like Voiceter Pro, which added real estate listings to Echo Show devices earlier this year.

“There are a few real estate tools for voice out there, but they are consumer-based,” Padilla said. “They are vocal realtors, or are made by people interested in recreating Zillow for voice. There aren’t business-based skills like Agent X.”

Padilla explained that after several pilots, Realogy is now planning to get the top 20 percent of productive agents to use Agent X. After that, Realogy will look at how to include customer feedback in the voice assistant’s insights.

“The unique thing about Agent X is that it’s tailored to agents and the brands they’re part of,” Padilla said. “The brands operate under a wide umbrella, but each of them brings something unique. The next step is to unlock that brand-specific value.”


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