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Voiceter Pro Adds Real Estate Listings to Echo Show Devices

Last month, Voiceter Pro debuted the addition of Real Estate Listings on Echo Show devices for the company’s Alexa skills that offer real estate searches in specific locations. Voiceter Pro offers a white label service for real estate agencies, brokers, and multiple listing services to create Alexa skills and Google Assistant actions that provide users with home listings in specific U.S. and Canadian counties.

Today, 30 of the real estate listing search Alexa skills and Google Assistant actions that provide home listings from Voiceter Pro offer integration with the Echo and FireTV Cube screens. Salvatore I Prividera Jr., COO of Voiceter Pro said that all future clients will launch with this capability. He also stated that within the next month all of the company’s current real estate listing search and home value clients will have their skills updated to incorporate screen capability.

There is no compatibility with the Google actions to display results on Google Assistant enabled device screens, yet. When asked if that compatibility would be added in the future, Prividera Jr. responded,

Voiceter Pro is constantly evolving its skills and actions to ensure that our clients have the latest capabilities to offer their consumers. Within 5 weeks of Amazon releasing its APL to third-party developers, we had our first skill certified for display on the Echo Show and FireTV Cube. If and when Google gives third-party developers the ability to create similar rich displays on devices like the Hub, we will get to work on incorporating it into our real estate search and home value actions.

Below is a video from Voiceter Pro demonstrating the screen listing display:

Users of these voice applications can search for houses to buy and rent, find an estimated home value, as well as request contact information of a local real estate agent. An email with listing search results is sent to users in addition to a verbal response from the voice assistant. The following is a list of cities and counties that offer a Voiceter Pro developed real estate listing voice application, some have been created in partnership with real estate agencies such as Berkshire Hathaway Professional Realty, Better Homes & Gardens, and Coldwell Banker:

  • Apex Real Estate
  • Akron Real Estate
  • Albany Real Estate
  • Atlanta Real Estate
  • Cary Real Estate
  • Cleveland Real Estate
  • Cincinnati Real Estate
  • Chapel Hill Real Estate
  • Columbus Real Estate
  • Dayton Real Estate
  • Daytona Real Estate
  • Durham Real Estate
  • Fort Myers Real Estate
  • Goldsboro Real Estate
  • Johnson County Real Estate
  • Kerr Lake Real Estate
  • Kansas City Homes
  • Lake Gaston Real Estate
  • Long Island Real Estate
  • MLSLI, Ohio Real Estate
  • Naples Real Estate
  • Pinehurst Real Estate
  • Raleigh Real Estate
  • Staten Island Real Estate
  • Triangle Real Estate
  • Wake Forest Real Estate
  • Winchester Mass. Real Estate


Real Estate Based Voice Applications are Growing

In addition to real estate listing voice applications, Voiceter Pro also offers Alexa skills and Google Assistant actions covering the real estate market in 36 cities, skills and actions offering concierge services from real estate firms, as well as skills for associations and non-profits. In Voicebot’s Consumer Adoption Report 2018, ‘Ask a question’ was one of the most popular smart speaker use case frequencies. Voiceter Pro’s home voice search is building off of that popular use case. While voice assistant use for real estate searches may not be the most popular search from voice assistant users, it is a clear strategy. And, the creation of a results display for Voiceter Pro’s real estate listing Alexa skills is a multimodal feature that should add meaningfully to the user experience.

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