Google Nest and Reeve Foundation Giving Away 100,000 Google Home Minis to Celebrate ADA Anniversary

Google Nest is partnering with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to give away 100,000 free Google Home Minis in celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) 29th anniversary. All of the devices will go to people living with paralysis, to aid those who will benefit most from doing things hands free. Christopher Reeves, most known for his role as Superman, was thrown off a horse and left paralyzed. He set up the foundation with his wife in hopes of improving the quality of life for those with spinal cord injuries.

Garrison Reed, a Team USA Paralympic Powerlifter, spoke with Google about how the Google Home Mini allows him to be more independent and assists him in training for the 2020 Paralympic Games. “I’m training for the 2020 Paralympic Games as a powerlifter for Team USA, so I use my Mini to set alarms, manage my training schedule, and even make grocery lists. Music is a huge motivator for me, so I use my Mini to listen to Spotify playlists and get pumped up before a workout,” he explained on the Google blog.

People are using the hashtag #PowerOfVoice to share their stories about how Google helps them day to day.

Giveaways Driving Brand Awareness

In May of this year Google gave away nearly 20,000 Google Home Minis at a Warriors-Trail Blazers NBA Playoff Game. The actual number was 19,596 smart speakers, one to each attendee in the sold-out stadium (that holds 19,596 people). Sporting event giveaways are rare, but Google has quietly given away devices over the years at tech events like CES and Google I/O.

These giveaway promotions are more cost effective for Google than alternative advertising campaigns that drive brand awareness but may not convert users, like a Super Bowl commercial for instance. Instead, providing free product allows people to physically interact with the devices while also generating positive publicity for Google. The recent collaboration with the Reeve Foundation is evidence that Google wants to bring the power of voice to the masses while also helping users who need it most foster their freedom.

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