The Google Home Hub is Being Re-Branded to the Google Nest Hub


A source shared with 9to5Google that rumors of Google rebranding the Google Home Hub to the Google Nest Hub are true. Last week Google accidentally leaked the names of both the Pixel 3a in addition to the yet to be released Nest Hub Max. It was also accidentally revealed by Google that there was a potential rebrand of the smaller Home Hub to the ‘Nest Hub,’ which has now been confirmed.

Google will relaunch the Google Home Hub as the Google Nest Hub, adding it to the line with the Google Nest Hub Max. The Google Nest Hub Max will be an entirely new device, and it features a 10-inch screen and a Nest camera for security and Duo video calls. No launch date has been given, however, a Google teaser for the new Pixel 3a is leading some to believe the Pixel 3a will launch on May 7th during the Google I/O annual developer conference. If this is the case, the launch of the Google Nest Hub and the Google Nest Hub Max at the same time is likely.

Why Would Google Ditch It’s ‘Home’ Brand? It Wants to Highlight Smart Home Device Management Capability

So, we know what to expect on May 7th, but the question of why Google would rebrand it Smart Display to a Nest Smart Display remains. One popular theory is that the rebranding could be because Google wants to highlight the fact that the Google Home Hub can manage other smart home devices. The rebranding is said to be just of the name, no functionality of the device will actually change. The Nest name could bring to mind products like the Nest video doorbells, security cameras, and smart thermostats.

Google Home Hub’s ability to monitor and control compatible smart home systems may not be the primary reason many buy it today, even though the number of compatible devices that can be managed with it is growing quickly. Currently, Google offers 11 Nest branded products and lists well over 60 devices compatible with Nest products on its website.

An interesting point this rebrand would make is that having a voice assistant on a device should not be the primary feature of a device. Voice interactivity should be an expected norm. Including ‘Nest’ in the title would take the focus away from Google Assistant. For those that are not super interested in all that the Google Home Hub offers, the regular Google Home with no screen still exists. But the Nest Home Hub is not meant for those people. It is meant for those that want to beef up their smart home in as many ways as possible. Another consideration is that Google’s Nest brand is doing very well and the rebrand may help product sales for the entire line. According to a Recode article by Rani Molla from April 2018, Nest generated $726 million in revenue in 2017. May 7th will likely bring more answers, but Google’s branding adventures are once again causing confusion at least in the short-term.

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