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Google Nest Hub Max Will be a 10-Inch Smart Display with Camera According to Accidentally Leaked Graphics

Image Credit: Android Police

  • Google appears ready to launch a new smart display called Nest Hub Max
  • The device will have a camera for home monitoring as well as facilitate video calls through its 10-inch screen
  • It appears product details about Nest Hub Max were prematurely published live in the Google Store and then removed

Android Police discovered that the Google store accidentally revealed a new product late Friday, Google Nest Hub Max. The details around a new website banner indicated that Google Nest Hub Max would enable video calls, have a 10-inch HD screen, and can leverage Nest Cam’s motion detection features. The video calling is notable given that Google Home Hub lacks a camera. At the time of launch in October, the camera’s absence was positioned as a privacy feature of Google Home Hub. The Nest Hub Max’s camera will no doubt be positioned as a security feature without mention of privacy concerns raised just a few months ago.

Image Credit: Android Police

The company also stressed how convenient the small 7-inch screen size was in the Google Home Hub in its launch marketing. This was intended to offer a contrast with Amazon, Facebook, and Google partners that all offer 10-inch and larger screens. I have used smart speakers with both 7-inch and 10-inch screens and there is little doubt the larger screen offers many benefits. It’s not to say there aren’t use cases suitable for 7-inch and smaller form factors, but they are more limited.

Filling Out the Voice First Portfolio and Integrating with Smart Home

Google Home Hub captured a little over 9% of the smart display installed base in 2018 despite not launching until October. It is not clear whether that figure would have been higher if the device enabled video chat, but that is a key use case stressed by Amazon and Lenovo for their smart display products. Video chat features will help fill out Google’s smart display portfolio. And, having products both with and without cameras could be a short-term advantage in appealing to some consumers.

Nest Hub Max will also help Google more tightly associate its smart home products with Google Assistant-enabled devices. Google Home Hub appeared to be most differentiated in its positioning as a smart home command center. Nest Hub Max with its monitoring camera and brand alignment with the Nest product line should further cement that perception.


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