Mark Lippett CEO of XMOS on the Chips that Make Voice Assistants Work – Voicebot Podcast Ep 87

Mark Lippett joined XMOS in 2006 as VP of Engineering and was later promoted to COO and then CEO about three years ago. XMOS is a fabless semiconductor company with a particular emphasis on IP and products for far-field voice recognition. The company claims to be the first Alexa Voice Service certified solution for linear mic arrays and is used in devices ranging from smart speakers Orange Djingo and Deutsche Telekom Magenta to the Freebox Delta streaming media player.

In this episode, we talk about what technologies make the far-field voice recognition feature possible in smart speakers, smart TVs, streaming media boxes and other devices. We also discuss a breakdown of XMOS’s business and its near complete focus on audio and voice solutions at the chip and embedded software layer.

Before XMOS, Mark was CTO and co-founder of silicon IP and embedded software provider Ignios. Earlier in his career, he was a network systems engineer at Texas Instruments. Mark earned an MBA from Henley Management College and a Masters in Engineering for Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Surrey.

Show Notes – Mark Lippett Interview

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