Matt Ware and Lachlan Pottenger of First Talk Voice Shopping in Australia – Voicebot Podcast Ep 85

Matt Ware is Group Operating Director at Agencies 3Di, First, and TPN, and Lachlan Pottenger is Creative Director at First, a leading digital agency in Australia and the country’s top developer of Google Actions. Matt and Lachlan talk about a Google Action for Kmart Australia that operates over 200 stores in Australia and New Zealand. The Google Action recommends gifts by type and price and integrates with the retailer’s inventory management system to tell shoppers product availability by store location. It has a user return rate of over 30% and 60% of voice sessions include a screen. This is a real-world voice shopping use case that is succeeding today. The interview was recorded on site at the Business of Bots conference in San Francisco 2019.

Since the interview was relatively short, I also took a few minutes to walk through some data and thoughts on voice shopping and voice commerce. There is a lot of pessimism about the state of voice shopping today and optimism about it becoming an important retail channel in the future. This segment orients listeners on what you can do today and how voice shopping is likely to evolve in the coming years. Enjoy!

Show Notes – Matt Ware and Lachlan Pottenger Interview

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