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Voicea Adds Teams and Channels to Meeting Transcription and Note Taking Voice Assistant for Enterprises

Voicea (formerly known as Voicera) today introduced new features for organizing and collaborating around meeting transcripts and notes generated by its automated voice assistant, Eva. Eva records and transcribes meetings and produces highlight notes automatically after meetings conclude. This reduces the need for note taking during meetings and provides a searchable transcript as well as the audio recording for later review. The introduction of the Channels and Teams features will enhance the enterprise collaboration capabilities.

Channels are a method for adding Eva’s meeting data to topic-specific folders. The meeting organizer can add the data to a Channel and share it with other team members today. An upcoming feature release will enable role-based access for team members to add and move files between shared Channels. That role-based access is controlled in the new Teams feature. Teams also enables users to comment or annotate meeting notes and those activities are immediately visible to other users. Later this quarter, Teams will add features related to channel alerts, document retention policies, and “off the record” content.

Pricing for the new Teams product has not been announced. Voicea currently offers several pricing options including a freemium offering along with $9.99 and $19.99 per month packages for individuals. The current pricing for the “Premium” offering which is positioned as “transcripts for teams” is $39.99 per user per month or about $384 for an annual contract.

Capturing and Using an Unstructured Data Asset

The company says business professionals in the U.S. participate in an average of 3.7 hours of meetings each day. Note taking and sharing meeting outcomes and action items can become an onerous task, while much of what is said in meetings is forgotten. Eva’s real-time recording, transcription, and note taking features address these issues and the problem of missed meetings. Voicea says Eva enables users that miss meetings to catch up quickly using the notes as well as listen to the entire conversation if needed. Omar Tawakol, CEO of Voicea commented:

“We believe everyone who attends a meeting should fully participate.  But if you can’t attend, you may still need a fast and reliable way to understand what happened. Meetings are the single largest unstructured data asset in the enterprise.  By structuring and activating meeting voice data, we want to help everyone at work to become even more productive.”

Voicea has raised $20 million to date. According to Pitchbook data, $14.5 million in funding in March 2018 put the post-round valuation at $54.5 million. The company’s enterprise focus sets it apart from much of the activity around voice assistants today. However, most of its earlier innovation and features targeted speech-to-text transcription quality, natural language understanding, and tools for individuals to capture, manage and review their meeting content. The introduction of Channels and Teams appears to be an initial step in providing new enterprise collaboration features around meeting data.


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