Samsung Galaxy Home Mini

Samsung Reportedly Working on a Galaxy Home Mini

Samsung still hasn’t said when the Galaxy Home smart speaker, originally announced in August, will start shipping to consumers. However, a new report by SamMobile says a lower-cost version may be in the works. According to an article published Friday:

“We have obtained information that a new Bixby speaker with model number SM-V310 is being developed. The Galaxy Home carries model number SM-V510, so Samsung could be working on a series of smart speakers. We know the SM-V310 will come in black, but that’s the extent of our knowledge about this speaker at the moment. It remains to be seen exactly how Samsung will reduce the pricing for the cheaper Galaxy Home. It might have fewer microphones and perhaps lack a subwoofer, but it’s all just guesswork.”

SamMobile is well known for scoops on Samsung devices and the timing just before CES lends added weight to the news. If Samsung is working on a lower-cost model smart speaker, debuting it at CES along with a ship date for the Galaxy Home would likely deliver maximum media coverage.

Amazon and Google Offer a Smart Speaker Blueprint

There is little argument that Amazon and Google have implemented successful smart speaker device sales strategies. A core element of their approach has been the introduction of multiple smart speaker models including a low-priced model. The sub-$50 price point of the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, which often are discounted below $30, has shown how lower price point devices can help drive consumer trial and market share. We don’t hear a lot of examples of Apple HomePod owners adding a device to every room in the house. By contrast, it is a common refrain among the most devoted Alexa and Google Assistant users. The point here is that the devices are means for providing ubiquitous access to the voice assistant.

Samsung doesn’t necessarily need to have a low-priced device because Bixby can be accessed through smartphones and eventually through dozens of home appliances. However, the feature spec for the current Galaxy Home has many industry observers expecting it to be priced at above $300. That will put it in direct competition with Apple and HomePod, but rumors have circulated about a lower priced HomePod in 2019 while Amazon and Google both have flagship devices listed between $100-$150. Providing consumers with more options to go all-in on Bixby may be critical as the company tries to enter the market years after its biggest rivals.

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