Salesforce Data Shows Amazon Echo is #3 Most Talked About Product During Cyber Week

  • Amazon Echo and Kindle were in the top five most talked about products during cyber week, each right behind Apple products
  • Amazon is the #1 most talked about retailer during cyber week

Most Talked About Products

During cyber week, two Amazon products were in the top five most talked about products according to Salesforce, each right behind Apple products. The order of most talked about products, from No. 1 to No. 5: PlayStation, iPhone, Echo, iPad, Kindle. Even though Amazon was behind Apple with both products, the company had the only smart speaker to be included in the top 5.

This is likely because of the deals Amazon rolled out for the Echo over cyber week. The Echo Dot was actually the #1 selling product on Amazon, globally, from any manufacturer, in any category. Plenty of discounts were given, with the lowest price for the Echo Dot on Amazon. The Echo Dot 2nd Generation was going for $19.99, its original listing at $39.99. Echo Dot 3rd Gen devices were selling for $24.99, 50% off of its $49.99 list price.

Most Talked About Retailers

Amazon also took first place as the most talked about retailer during cyber week. This makes sense, as often some of the best deals for products were only available on Amazon. Take the best deals on Echo Dots as an example, they were only available on Amazon. Walmart, Etsy, eBay, and Best Buy rounded out the other four spots, in that order.

General Cyber Week Trends

Black Friday and Cyber Monday still held the No. 1 and 2 titles for busiest shopping days. However, Cyber Week revenue took on a new and more balanced shape, rather than the precipitous spikes of past years. Shoppers bought throughout the week with a sustained revenue growth of 15%.


Graph Credit: Salesforce

Discounts reached an all-time high average rate of 31% on Wednesday. In line with recent trends, the majority of shoppers both browsed and bought on mobile, and Thanksgiving Day stood out with the highest mobile order share of the week. Interestingly, Cyber Monday held the lowest rate of mobile traffic and orders for the week. Perhaps consumers were using their employer’s high-speed internet at work? Old habits die hard.

Amazon’s Alexa Promotion Continues to be Effective

What we can conclude from these trends is that Amazon’s Alexa promotion continues to be very effective. The Echo products are both talked about with high frequency and purchased at high volume. Amazon has been able to maintain its smart speaker market share in the U.S. (or at least reduce the rate of erosion) by heavily promoting not just their products, but tools to use their products made for every skill level, and by slashing prices. Don’t underestimate the importance of that last point. Google too understands this as the Google Home Mini, Google Home, and Google Home Hub were all discounted heavily. And, the discounts weren’t limited to the U.S. Black Friday week deals are now a global phenomenon.

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