Apple HomePod Discount Best Buy

Cyber Monday Deals Continue on Smart Speakers, $100 Discounted HomePods Appear to Be Gone

Most of the Black Friday deals on smart speakers and displays are still available this morning for the traditional Cyber Monday online shopping day. However, one of the biggest deals of last week appears to be gone. Best Buy was offering $100 off Apple HomePods as Voicebot reported Friday. The offer requires in-store pick-up and is still listed on Best Buy’s website. The problem for Apple Music and Siri fans is that the store locator doesn’t show any more locations where pick-up is available. A quick scan of zip codes throughout the U.S. suggests that the available HomePods were snatched up quickly. This may also indicate for Apple that there is a market for a less expensive HomePod at a price point between $200 – $250.

Plenty of Smart Speaker and Smart Display Deals

HomePod aside, there are still plenty of smart speaker deals. Entry-level devices like Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini are 50% off of list price an available for $25 at numerous locations. Smart Display discounts are also intact for Google Home Hub, Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen and Lenovo Smart Display. You can see a list of Black Friday weekend deals worldwide here. Most are also available today, but prices are expected to rise tomorrow.

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