Strategy Analytics U.S. Smart Speaker Installed Base by Brand July-Aug 2018

Strategy Analytics Says Amazon Echo is the Most Popular Smart Speaker in the US

Strategy Analytics is out with new data today that shows Amazon Echo and not the Echo Dot is the most popular smart speaker among U.S. consumers. An online survey of 1,011 smart speaker users in July and August of 2018 found that 23% of smart speaker owners had an Amazon Echo, just edging out the 21% that have an Echo Dot. Google Home and Google Home Mini came in third and fourth in installed base at 8% and 7% respectively. Overall, Strategy Analytics reported that Amazon accounted for 63% of smart speaker users while Google came in at 17% and Apple at 4%.

The results should not be confused with earlier Strategy Analytics’ reports of worldwide smart speaker shipments in Q2 2018. That report showed Amazon outpacing Google globally by a narrow margin of 30% to 27% of new smart speaker sales and the less expensive Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot were the top selling devices. The data released today is U.S. only and captures installed base figures of all smart speaker sold over time and not from a single quarter.

3rd-Party Smart Speaker Makers Have an Opening with Consumers

These installed base findings were similar to a Voicebot survey of U.S. consumers in September with a notable exception. Strategy Analytics reported that about 18% of U.S. smart speaker users owned a third-party device made by someone other than Amazon, Apple or Google. Voicebot’s data puts this group at only 11.3% with Amazon, Apple and Google all at slightly higher market share. The timing of Voicebot’s survey was a bit more recent and the question was no doubt different. These factors could account for some of the difference.

Staying on the topic of third-party smart speaker makers. Strategy Analytics also asked about brand preferences of consumers considering the purchase of additional devices. According to the media release:

“The research also found that there is plenty of opportunity for other smart speaker brands: when asked to name one brand they would choose for their next smart speaker, 54% of users chose either Amazon, Google or Apple, leaving nearly half the market open to competitors. Bose, Samsung and Sonos are the most preferred alternatives to the ‘big three.'”

David Watkins, Director, Smart Speakers at Strategy Analytics commented:

Amazon and Google may dominate today’s market, but this will not always be the case. Many consumers are ready to consider alternative brands.

Echo Dot Kids Edition Debuts at 4% Installed Base

A particularly interesting finding was that 4% of survey participants indicated they owned an Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. It is an $80 Echo Dot offered in several colors that notably includes Amazon’s Free Time Unlimited media package with programming designed for children. These were first released in April so capturing an installed base in just three months comparable to Amazon Echo Show and Spot as well as Apple HomePod is impressive.

Strategy Analytics also reported 58% of smart speaker owners claimed to have two more devices and that the kitchen has fallen to third place behind the family room and bedroom as the most popular device location.


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