Nvidia Shield TV Offers New Google Home Commands

Nvidia TV with Google Assistant

The Nvidia Shield TV is streaming device that runs on Android TV OS, and therefore already has access to Google Assistant. This week Nvidia announced deeper integration with Google Assistant with new commands. These new commands add functionality to the Shield, and roll out to all Shield TV owners within the next month. Restarting the box will deliver them within a day.

With the new commands, users can ask Google Assistant to turn your Shield on/off, open a specific app, play/pause the content on screen, mute/unmute, and adjust the volume with specific percentages. Here is a full list of commands from Nvidia, the volume control and playback features being are the newest commands. The basic, photos and smart home commands are available on all devices with Android TV.

  • Basic Commands
    • “Turn on SHIELD”
    • “Turn off SHIELD”
    • “Open [name of app] on SHIELD”
  • Volume Control
    • “Set volume to 50% on SHIELD”
    • “Increase/decrease volume on SHIELD”
    • “Mute/unmute volume on SHIELD”
  • Playback Features
    • “Play [name of Netflix, HBO NOW, CBS, Viki, or Starz show] on SHIELD”
    • “Play [name of song] on [name of app] on SHIELD”
    • “Watch [name of channel] on YouTube TV on SHIELD”
    • “Play on YouTube on SHIELD”
    • “Pause on SHIELD”
    • “Play on SHIELD”
  • Photos and Smart Home
    • “Show me my pictures from Egypt on SHIELD”
    • “Show me my pictures from last weekend on SHIELD”
    • “Dim the lights”
    • “Set the temperature to 72 degrees”

Streaming Media Player Market Heats Up

Nvidia’s new features are simply a recognition that consumers are coming to expect more voice capabilities from their media streaming devices. Amazon Fire TV Cube has joined traditional media players such as Roku and Xbox, and satellite and cable providers including Dish and Comcast. Media is a killer app for voice because the search queries are often complex and the outputs are relatively simple. Consumers have been quick to recognize that voice input is a far more satisfying experience than surfing a channel guide or manually inputing a request using an onscreen keyboard. Nvidia has been out front in this transformation and appears committed to push new features that go beyond the basics of media search navigation to include smart home control.

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