LG Partners with Natuzzi to Display Smart Sofa ft. Google Assistant

LG Partners with Natuzzi to Display Smart Sofa with Google Assistant

The High Point Market furnishings expo in North Carolina is the largest home furnishing show in the world. At the expo, LG Signature put on their “Smart Living Concept” demonstration and showcased a partnership with the furniture brand Natuzzi. A smart sofa called the Colosseo was featured. The demonstration showed the Colosseo smart sofa connected with all other smart technology in the room via Google Assistant, and five different custom seating position scenarios could be set to match user preferences.

Traditional Natuzzi Colosseo Sofa

Neither LG nor Natuzzi have made public announcements about the Colosseo and no price or release date has been given either. Many outlets are reporting that this sofa can use voice to automatically recognize the user by employing Google’s Voice Match technology. This sofa can be controlled using Google Assistant, using an LG TV or smart speaker, or the LG Signature app. The five custom seating positions are reading, relaxing, watching TV, listening to music and pause, and will adjust the sofa’s seat and backrest cushions accordingly.

The Smart Colosseo Couch is a Novelty

This display follows LG’s other forward thinking smart home devices such as their smart TVs, speakers, and appliances. LG has previously partnered with both Alexa and Google Assistant for LG TV models, and has partnered with Google Assistant on the LG V30S ThinQ smartphone.

Colosseo is able to stand out with the integration of a voice assistant in addition to it’s connectivity to other smart home devices. Generally when companies create ‘smart’ sofas, they include Bluetooth enabled speakers, a charging port, and call it a day. To have the integration of a voice assistant and to have the connectivity to other smart devices speaks to LG’s commitment to the development of a smart home as well as a novelty feature for Natuzzi.

Smart couches? If you thought an Alexa-powered microwave was an unusual move by Amazon, you can rest assured that other device makers are already looking to push the envelop further.

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