Alexa Joins Google Assistant on LG’s ThinQ TVs

LG continues to expand the reach of their SmartThinQ technology this year in both applicability and compatibility. The company launched a series of smart home appliances at the beginning of the year, as well as the V30S smartphone with device-specific Google Assistant commands. The recently released WK7 LG smart speaker and the WK9 LG smart speaker display launching  later this year are both armed with Google Assistant as well. Now, LG supports Amazon Alexa on all of their 2018 AI-enabled TVs. This includes LG’s OLED and Super UHD TVs, which you can now interact with from any of your existing Alexa gadgets.

LG Expands AI Consumer Choice

LG also announced last month that its line of over one hundred SmartThinQ home appliances, are now compatible with Amazon Alexa in addition to the Google Assistant. The company is one of the first manufacturers to integrate both voice assistants into a wide range of its products, giving consumers a greater choice in how they control their smart home appliances. As LG positions the TV as a key node in the AI-driven smart home, Alexa and Google Assistant integration provides more connectivity for smart speaker owners—not only in the living room, but for the whole house.

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