LG THINQ WK7 Featuring Google Assistant and PK Series Smart Speakers Now Available in India

LG ThinQ WK7 featuring Google Assistant and PK Series Smart Speakers now Available in India


Prior to CES 2018 LG announced the ThinQ WK7 Smart Speaker, with a focus not just on incorporating Google Assistant, but high-quality sound as well LG’s own artificial intelligence. Now, that speaker and the LG PK Series smart speakers are available in India. Younchul Park, Director-Home Electronics, LG Electronics India said in a statement:

As technology is pervasive and ever-changing, we have been witnessing a lot of exciting trends coming our way, one of which is definitely AI. With this evolving trend, we are happy to present the new range of speakers equipped with this technology,

XBOOM ThinQ WK7 Features Google Assistant

One of the first products with a built-in Android Things platform, the LG XBOOM ThinQ WK7 starts at Rs. 27,990, or about $384.05 USD. As a part of Google Android Things, the speaker enables users to get information, weather reports, calendar updates, make calls, as well as control a range of smart home devices. The ThinQ WK7 teamed up with audio technology specialists, Meridian, to appeal to music enthusiasts. This device is meant to compete directly with smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod. The integration of Google Assistant also expands LG’s range of IoT devices using the ThinQ AI.

The speaker is larger and bulkier than Google Home and Amazon Alexa and features a cylindrical shape covered with a smooth metal grill surface. Physical keys on top include volume control, playback, mute, and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity settings. Google Assistant is integrated into the manual controls, meaning that users can perform tasks without saying ‘Hey Google’ beforehand if they push the logo button, also located on the top. This speaker is also Chromecast enabled, and is compatible with music apps like Google Play Music and Saavn. Chromecast allows this speaker to be integrated into a Google-based multi-room audio system, that can then be controlled by voice commands.

PK Series Features LG’s Own Voice Assistant

LG has introduced its PK series of speakers in India alongside the XBOOM WK7, and it is made up of the PK3, PK5, and PK7 speakers. Google Assistant is not integrated into this series. However, the devices do feature LG’s built in voice assistant. Users can press a button to activate LG’s voice assistant in order to control playback. So, this is not an always-listening voice assistant that you can wake-up from across the room.

Built-in LED lights synchronize with rhythms playing and offer a mode called, ‘Enhanced Bass.’ LG says one full battery charge will last for 20 hours. The PK3, PK5, and PK7 are being sold at Rs 10,990, Rs 14,990, and Rs 22,990, respectively. That’s about US$150.33, $205.05, and $314.48.

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