Samsung Galaxy Watch with Bixby

Bixby Voice Assistant Coming to New Samsung Galaxy Watch

SamMobile reported yesterday Bixby voice assistant is expected to be onboard the new Samsung Galaxy smart watch due in 2018. Bixby will replace S Voice which is used today on Samsung Gear S3 devices. The watches are also expected to get a naming update transitioning from Gear to Galaxy to build on the company’s smartphone branding. Samsung Galaxy Watch is expected to carry the updated Bixby 2.0 and have quicker response times.

Giving Bixby Another Access Point

Samsung has a unique set of assets among the technology giants positioning for a voice assistant enabled future. It was essentially tied with Apple for global smartphone market share in 2017. Samsung Gear watches offer it a second leg of the person-centered voice access point trinity. Then, there is the appliance category. Samsung once again held the number one position in household appliances in the U.S. in 2017 and is a leader globally. The company also holds the top spot in global premium television market. These segments offer Samsung a large installed based in what will become two legs of the home-centered voice assistant access points.

So, Bixby may be far behind Amazon and Google today, but the company has several assets to leverage in proliferating the voice assistant. Samsung Galaxy Watch is another leg in a broader strategy. The question remains whether Samsung can be successful with its Bixby strategy or whether it will suffer the same fate as the Android alternative Tizen.

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