Atomicorp Adds Alexa Integration to Cybersecurity Solution

Cybersecurity is an industry that could greatly benefit from voice-first automation. Most solutions require users to be extremely tech savvy to answer the simplest of questions, such as how many attacks have been attempted on the network. Startup Atomicorp saw an opportunity to solve this problem by integrating Amazon Alexa with Atomic Secured OSSEC, its version of the open-source security solution. As you can see in the video below, the Alexa integration allows the user to find answers about security and threat intelligence data efficiently and easily.

The Broader Use Cases of Voice Assistants in the Enterprise

Atomicorp’s Alexa integration demonstrates that voice-first solutions can help enterprise customers beyond controlling conference rooms. The ability to ask Alexa about threat intelligence gives more users access to important security data allowing executives and others without the necessary tech skills to stay on top of what is happening on their network. It also saves time. No longer does the analyst need to be the middle man and provide this information to others in the organization. The individual can simply ask Alexa themselves.

The Alexa integration also shows how simple security changes can be made in seconds with voice commands. For instance, in the demo above, CTO Scott Shinn blocks the country Russia by simply saying “Alexa, block Russia.” No logging into the system or keyboard required. Voice assistant solutions for the enterprise have mostly been about operational efficiency and helping the organization with menial tasks. Even Alexa for Business mostly gives examples of how it can help companies streamline meeting set-up and conference room bookings. Atomicorp’s Alexa integration with OSSEC shows that the possibilities of voice assistants for the enterprise have much more potential.

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