Amazon Alexa Goes to the Office with New B2B Skill by Teem


What Alexa can do for Teem users

Amazon’s Alexa is primarily viewed as a voice assistant for the home, but B2B companies like Teem are starting to recognize that she can also be useful in the work place. Teem, formerly known as EventBoard, recently built an Alexa skill for its scheduling software. Now customers can book conference rooms with Echo speakers, in addition to iPads and Android devices. The Alexa skill allows users to check in or extend a meeting while in-room as well as booking online. The company also plans to allow users to use Echo to launch audio and visual presentations in the future.

As anyone who works at a large company knows, booking a conference room can be a hassle, especially when people don’t update the calendar accordingly. Using a voice-first device like an Echo can make it easier to keep everyone’s calendars in sync. One Teem customer, Box, has been using an early version of the Alexa skill and says it has improved the booking process, leading to a 17% reclaim rate so others can use the room. “One thing we found is that many conference rooms get booked and then the host never shows up. So we implemented an auto-check rule so that if someone has not checked in within 10 minutes of the start time, we automatically release that room,” Paul Chapman, Box CIO told Fortune.