Busy? Personal Virtual Assistant Fin Can Help

Fin is a human-computer hybrid assistant service which aims to help busy professionals with everyday tasks, like booking appointments, scheduling meetings and more. For instance, the company ran a special promotion for Mother’s Day to help users find that perfect gift for mom by simply filling out a short form describing mom’s preferences. In about three minutes, Fin has found a few options for you to choose from and can place the order for you. No internet searching required. And Fin communicates with you directly to ensure that both you and your mom will be happy with the final result, as you can see in the video below.

Using AI and Human Capabilities to Ensure Quality

The difference between Fin and other artificial intelligence powered virtual assistants is that while it uses an algorithm to provide content, prioritization and preferences for each task, a human is in the loop to manage the request. The company believes this is the key to guaranteeing a quality user experience from start to finish.

The human component does make Fin pricier than other artificial intelligence personal assistants. However, it is still cheaper than even having a part-time personal assistant on call. Fin charges by what it calls “effective minutes” which are adjusted based on the time it took to achieve a similar task, not by the actual time it took to complete the task. Pricing starts at a dollar per effective minute and can go up to $2500 a month for 48 effective hours at the Executive level.

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