New Hospital Alexa Skill is a Voice-First Help Desk

This week the New Hanover Regional Medical Center located in Wilmington, North Carolina launched an Alexa skill of its own. Any patient in the region can activate the skill on their Alexa device by saying “Alexa, enable NHRMC.” While the invocation name is quite a mouthful, the Alexa skill itself is quite robust. It goes beyond the usual features found on most organization Alexa skills like phone numbers and company information by providing patients with essential items for a hospital visit, information on paying bills and viewing medical records and directions to the nearest urgent care.

Hospitals and Amazon Alexa

The NHRMC might be an extensive Alexa skill for a hospital, but it is not the first health organization to take advantage of Alexa’s voice first technology. In November, the Carolinas HealthCare system launched a skill of its own to provide directions and approximate wait times for their nearest urgent care location, providing patients experiencing a health emergency hands-free access to pertinent information. The Mayo Clinic also launched an Alexa skill for emergency situations to provide tips on first-aid topics. “Publishing the NHRMC Alexa skill allows the health system to expand its reach to our customers through this emerging communications channel. While most of the skills are informational, we are seeking ideas on how to leverage this technology to achieve our mission of improving the health of our community,” said John Tuman, NHRMC’s chief technology officer.

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