Orbita Launches Orbita Voice to Streamline Voice App Development for Healthcare Providers

Orbita has been busy the past year. The voice-first software company partnered with ERT last May to build intelligent voice assistants to capture clinical trial feedback through smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo. Now the company is making it every easier for healthcare providers to get on voice platforms through its new Orbita Voice solution. The omni-channel solution allows healthcare providers to build one voice app and then publish to multiple voice and conversational AI channels such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, chat bots and more.

Removing Barriers to Health Care Adoption

One of the barriers to integrating voice assistants in healthcare has been including Protected Health Information (PHI) which needs to be in compliance with HIPPA regulations. Orbita Voice addresses that challenge by providing security enhancements that comply with these regulations to increase the functionality of voice assistive technology.

“As voice assistive and conversational applications for healthcare become more in demand, the ability reach patients across any voice-enabled device or conversational interface is becoming more important. Orbita takes protection of client data and regulatory compliance very seriously. We have focused on delivering platform enhancements and a new reference implementation that enable completely secure voice and chat bot solutions for HIPAA-compliant smartphones, tablets and custom devices,” commented Orbia CEO Bill Rogers in a recent company statement.

According to Orbita, other new features of the Orbita Voice Platform include:

  • New analytics tools for measuring user engagement across multiple voice and chat bot interfaces.
  • Seamless switching between user interface modes (voice, text chat bots, touch, keyboard, and analog phone).
  • Integrated search features and templates to make healthcare content more accessible through voice and chat bot apps.

The Benefits of Voice in Healthcare

Orbita is demonstrating how integrating voice technology can be a powerful tool for all types of healthcare organizations, from providers to home care agencies. The company also recently announced a partnership with the Mayo Clinic to provide expert health content through voice-first platforms and one with StayWell, a health empowerment company, to help individuals manage their weight and stress through the Orbita Voice platform. It also seems that healthcare providers are optimistic about the voice in healthcare. According to a recent poll by the Harvard Business Review, 48% of pediatricians surveyed said they “would be willing to deploy the technology in their clinical setting.” The power of voice-first platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant extends beyond the consumer setting. They could also transform the healthcare space as we know it.


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