Orbita, ERT to Improve Data Capture with Voice Technology

Surprisingly, the health care industry has been a pioneer of sorts when it comes to implementing voice technology. Boston Children’s was one of the first organization to launch an Alexa skill, and others, like WebMD and Dr. AI soon followed. This week another health care company, ERT, announced its plans to use voice technology to improve its operations. The company will partner with voice-first software specialist Orbita to build intelligent voice assistants to improve data capture for its clinical trials feedback. The software will let researchers create surveys, polls and questionnaires that can be accessed through smart speakers like Google Home and the Amazon Echo.

Voice Reduces Barriers

ERT is hoping an easy user experience via voice response and commands will reduce hold-ups in clinical trials. Participants will be able to complete daily pain assessment surveys, wellness tasks and provide vital measurements using just their voice which could reduce the friction of having to log-in through the provided mobile and web platforms. Other obstacles for trial enrollment and completion include site location, travel time and adherence which could be more easily overcome through voice applications. ERT’s success is directly derived from user participation. By using a naturally intuitive platform like voice, ERT can reduce the time and effort it takes for users to complete their daily tasks, increasing participation as a result.

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