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Google Home Now Supports Italian

Google Home now supports Italian according to an update to device’s Android app. It does not appear to be available in the most recent update to the iPhone iOS app. However, Android users can now go into their app and start communicating with Google Home in Italian.

To navigate to the Italian feature in the Google Home app choose the menu icon in the upper left > more settings then scroll down to the Devices section and select any Google Home device by name. You can then select “Assistant language” and choose Italiano as your default language.

Google Assistant Gained Italian Support in 2017

Google Assistant began rolling out Italian language support in October 2017. However, even though Google Assistant is the brains behind Google Home, the company has typically not made the language available to choose in the mobile app until the devices are officially shipping to the country. Italy is not listed today as having Google Home availability.

The appearance of Italian language support in the Google Home app suggests that the rumors of an imminent release of the device in Italy is are well founded. I have reached out to Google for comment and will add updates here as I learn more.

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