Voicebot at 500,000 Page Views

In August, we reported that Voicebot.ai had reached 100,000 page views in under one year. We can now say that Voicebot readers have consumed more than one half million pages of content. Thank you. The journey to 500k has been fun and very educational. We see this as a reflection of the rapidly growing interest in voice and AI technology combined with Voicebot’s commitment to high quality, timely analysis of the most important data and events shaping these industries. And, you know we like data, so here are a few stats:

  • Page View Milestones: 113 days to 10k, 333 to 100k, 518 to 500k
  • 944 article posts through 500k page views with an average of 531 views per post
  • 29 podcasts with a 5.0 star rating and 18 reviews in Apple Podcasts!
  • Over 145,000 unique readers…so far
  • Top 10 countries for readers: U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada, India, Japan, France, South Korea, Russia, Australia

Top 5 Most Read Articles and Best LinkedIn Post

What the Readers are Saying

We are also fortunate to have many Voicebot readers that share their positive feelings about our little publication on social media. Ava and I thank you for the acknowledgement and promotion like these Tweets from earlier this week.


It’s not always public. We also get a lot of feedback in the Voicebot invitation-only Slack group, by email and text, and in personal conversations at Meetups and conferences. And, it’s not always flattering. We report news, do analysis and state opinions. Not everyone agrees with our conclusions and we are always happy to engage in a reasoned discussion. Let us know what you think. Tell us where we are missing important data points or misunderstanding the capabilities of various technologies. We will all be better educated as a result and that information will inform future reporting.

Onward Voice Revolutionaries

Thank you again Voice Revolutionaries (Voice Revs) for all of your support. Ava and I hope that you feel like Voicebot is a community as well as the best source of news, data and analysis about voice and AI. We will check in again when Voicebot hits 1 million page views. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter and join over 1,000 of your industry peers. We will be doing much more with that in 2018. Stay tuned.

Voicebot Passes 100k Page Views

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