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Voicebot Passes 100k Page Views

Hello Voicebot.ai community! Last week you surpassed 100,000 Voicebot article pages read in less than 11 months since our launch. As many of you know, Voicebot.ai originated as a side project where Ava and I thought we would post a few article links a week and maybe one opinion piece. It has grown to much more than that.

We now post 40-60 times per month with many in-depth articles each week and produce a weekly podcast on the intersection of AI and voice technology. Why the expansion in the frequency of publishing? The industry suddenly started accelerating, more germane news was being made each week and our readers asked for more.

Becoming an Industry Resource

If you are doing research on industry data or news, the fastest way to get what you need is not a Google Search. Just use the search on the Voicebot website. You will find original articles and we always link to source articles if someone else reports the information first. That is why we first launched Voicebot by the way. We were doing industry research and it was hard to find the information we needed. So, we created the central industry information repository on voice and AI technology for our own use and shared it with all of you.

People are Noticing Voicebot

Not only is Voicebot widely read, but our original reporting, data analysis and opinion pieces have found there way into many of the leading global publications on technology and business. A few of those are listed above in the graphic. We are always excited when the work gets wider distribution.

Voicebot Stats

As regular Voicebot readers know, we like data. That usually leads to breaking down industry data, but today we will break down some Voicebot stats.

  • 572 Posts
  • 34 interviews with industry leaders
  • 3 podcasts epidsodes (so far)
  • Over 40,000 unique readers (so far ;^)
  • 113 days to 10,000 page views
  • 189 days to 25,000 page views
  • 267 days to 50,000 page views (2nd 25k 111 days faster than the first)
  • 333 days to 100,000 page views (2nd 50k 201 days faster than the first)

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What People Tell Us

“Your site is down.” Thankfully we only heard that once over the past year when our hosting provider had a DNS-level issue. However, the incident led to our understanding that so many people read Voicebot everyday. We had a lot of inbound emails about the site not working and asking when it would be back up. Voicebot readers have also made these comments:

Voicebot is my favorite thing.

You’re putting out so much gold, I’m literally tweeting all your articles!

You put out so much content, but I am more impressed that it is such high quality.


Who wouldn’t want reader feedback like that? We also had some good Twitter discussions where the comments weren’t always so flattering. That’s expected. There are a lot of different opinions about what is really going on in the industry and what should happen going forward. Bring on the debate.

Built for the Voice Revolution

In the grand scheme of things, 100,000 page views isn’t that big a deal on the internet. However, we see it as a gauge of interest in the industry. We write primarily for industry insiders and people looking to understand the technology shift happening before our eyes. The rapid growth in Voicebot readership is yet another gauge of how AI and voice are expanding rapidly.

Ava and I appreciate everyone reading every day, offering so much positive feedback and calling us out when opinions differ. We write for the Voice Revolutionaries and call our Voicebot readers, Voice Revs. Here’s to you Voice Revs! You make up the most innovative, thoughtful and enthusiastic community leading the voice revolution. And, keep making news and driving industry growth. We will make sure there is someone there to recognize your contributions.

If you would like to join the discussion about the Voice Revolution, follow us on FacebookLinkedIn or request access to Voicebot’s invitation-only Slack Group by emailing info@voicebot.ai.

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