Updated Voice Assistant Support By Device List Shows Google Assistant’s Growth

At the beginning of this new year, we published the first edition of our Voice Assistant Support by Device list. Alexa was the leading voice assistant according to our research at the time as Amazon’s voice assistant powered more than a third of the devices on our list.

But this was before CES 2018. Google Assistant was the voice assistant of choice for most of the new additions to our list. This is due partly to the introduction of three Amazon Echo competitors at CES from LG, JBL and Lenovo all who debuted new smart speakers with displays powered by the Google Assistant. It also appears to be the preferred integration for smart headphones while Amazon Alexa still dominates third-party appliance integration.

Click HERE to see the interactive table of devices.

As promised, we have updated the page to the best of our abilities but as any of our loyal readers know, this industry is growing fast. If we have missed any recent or past voice assistant integrations, let us know. Please send your suggested additions to @voicebotai on Twitter.

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