Voicebot Podcast 25 – CES 2018 Recap with All-Star Panel (Dashbot, Instreamatic, Strategy Analytics)

The consumer electronics show (CES) is visited annually by 180,000 people and many of the big names in tech have a large presence. CES 2017 was largely regarded as a triumph for Amazon Alexa and was instrumental in raising awareness about voice assistants and how they will fit into the future lives of everyday consumers. It is fair to say that CES 2018 put voice technology on display in an even bigger way with Amazon joined by Google, Samsung, Sony, LG, Toyota, Hyundai and just about every electronics and automotive supplier that attended. This week’s podcast is four people who were there. We discuss what we saw and what it means.

Arte Merritt is CEO of bot analytics provider Dashbot.io. His company has tracked over 22 billion bot conversations in chat and voice. Stas Tushinskiy is CEO of Instreamatic, a digital audio advertising platform optimized for voice interaction. David Watkins is a Senior Director at Strategy Analytics and one of the foremost researchers on global smart speaker sales. The four of us saw a lot at CES and we debate the big stories, which vendors won and who lost.

Host Note: The audio quality was poor for much of David Watkins’ comments. We salvaged what we could since he had a lot of very good points that the audience will want to hear. Our apologies if you have to strain a bit to hear some of his comments, but I think you will find its worth it. 

Show Notes – CES 2018 Recap

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