The Knot Launches Wedding Planning Alexa Skill

Today, digital wedding brand The Knot announced the launch of two new brand offerings for Alexa users: The Knot Flash Briefing and The Knot Wedding Planner. The Knot Flash Briefing is a more generic offering which provides a daily wedding planning tip to engaged couples. The Wedding Planner skill is more personalized and will provide wedding planning updates, checklist tasks and a wedding day countdown to those that have a The Knot account. For instance, users can ask Alexa for their wedding planning update and she will respond:

Congratulations! You have 75 days to go until your wedding in Hudson, New York. Out of 150 invitations sent, 142 are excited to celebrate with you. You have $5,000 of your budget left to spend on your wedding. The Knot recommends you book your wedding day transportation.

Expanding User Product Engagement with Alexa

the-knot-alexa-skillThe Knot introduced a new product last fall, The Knot All-in-One Wedding Planner. Using data from more than two decades and 25 million weddings, The Knot was able to create a virtual tool that helps newly engaged couples plan their dream wedding based on their personal tastes, budget and location. By leveraging this tool to create an Alexa skill, The Knot has extended its product offering to voice. “With the launch of The Knot Alexa Skills, we’re thrilled to be the first wedding planning brand to offer couples a 360-degree wedding planning experience across mobile, desktop and smart speaker. Wedding planning is hard enough. Now you can stay on track without having to lift a finger.”

Convenience and Built-in Repeat Usage

The Knot has accomplished what many companies want and need to do for voice: create a valuable and personal voice experience that is in line with their product and brand. Wedding planning is a time-consuming process. By offering their All-in-One Wedding Planner on Alexa, they are also providing the service of convenience to their customers – one voice command will keep them updated instead of having to log into their mobile app or website. Alexa’s script is also on point, as it conveys both excitement and The Knot’s wedding planning expertise.

Many Alexa skills are rarely used by consumers more than once, if at all. The Knot’s Wedding Planner skill might only be used for a few months before the wedding, but you can bet the bride is checking in with Alexa more than a couple of times before the big day. You can also bet that if the bride enjoys her experience with the Wedding Planner tool and its corresponding Alexa skill, she would recommend it to her newly engaged friend, perpetuating the cycle of user engagement. A 360 degree experience indeed.

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