Find the Perfect Skin Care Product with Eucerin’s Alexa Skill

When the weather turns cold, dry skin can become especially problematic. Enter Eucerin’s new Alexa skill. The Eucerin Skin Care Alexa skill aims to help consumers find the perfect skin solution for the cold winter months ahead. The skill is available on Alexa-enabled devices, including the Echo Show and allows users to find the ideal skin care regimen by answering a few basic questions:

“The skincare landscape can be overwhelming at times, with numerous solutions and formulas available,” said Robert Ciaffaglione, Team Lead, Shopper & Customer Marketing. “Powered by 100 years of skin science, Eucerin offers formulas specifically designed to alleviate a multitude of skin concerns, from dry to very dry skin, to products formulated for eczema flare-ups to other skin conditions. By asking a few simple, key questions, the Eucerin skill for Alexa will direct consumers to the Eucerin product designed to help their individual needs.”

A Simple, Informative User Experience

The Eucerin Alexa skill is simple and on brand. During my interaction with the skill, Alexa reminded me that Eucerin products are dermatologists recommended and that the company has over 100 years of experience designing skin care products. When you open the skill, you are given two options: product help or skin care tips. The product help is useful as it asks specifically what kind of products you are looking for, as in hands, body or face. Once you answer that question, Alexa asked me three more questions before recommending the company’s Advanced Repair Cream along with a short product description.

Once complete, the skill then sent me a product card with the information as well as pointing out that I could order it on While it would have been better to ask if I wanted to add it to my shopping list, the quiz was quick and informative. The skin care tips leave a bit to be desired. The one given to me was to put on lotion after getting out of the shower which is pretty common sense.

Pitching Products Directly to Consumers

However, the Eucerin Skin Care Alexa skill is a perfect example of how voice apps can be used to pitch products directly to consumers while providing useful information. Like the Zyrtec skill, Eucerin is using expertise in its product category to provide value to consumers looking for guidance. Whether it’s allergies or dry skin, a well-crafted, branded Alexa skill allows companies to talk directly to their target market and sell more of products at the same time.

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