Zyrtec Launches Alexa Skill in Time for Allergy Season

Just in time for allergy season, allergy medicine company Zyrtec has launched an Alexa skill that shares the daily pollen count for the user’s location. The Zyrtec AllergyCast skill can also over time tell users which forms of pollen they are most sensitive too. The skill does this by asking how the person is feeling each day and records which pollen counts were high. Over time, Alexa will be able to alert you as to which pollens impact your well-being the most.

A Useful Tool For Zyrtec’s Target Market

I tried the skill and it was easy to set up. After enabling the skill by saying “Alexa, ask Zyrtec” she asked me for my city and state and then gave the day’s pollen count and weather. She also asked if I was feeling good or bad to begin collecting data on which pollens I’m most sensitive to.  Zyrtec has a proprietary algorithm that it uses to calculate a person’s “Allergy Impact” score based on how they’re feeling. While this feature wasn’t developed explicitly for Alexa, it seems like a natural next step for the company to offer it on a voice-first platform. Now in addition to checking your calendar, the news and weather in the morning, you can also determine how the pollen count will make you feel on any given day.

Similar to other brands that have created useful Alexa skills, Zyrtec isn’t using the platform to explicitly sell its product. However being on the Amazon platform does make it easier for users to order the allergy medicine. After hearing a dire pollen count, how easy would it be for the user to ask Alexa to also order Zyrtec? Pretty easy.

By using the skill as a tool to help seasonal allergy sufferers, Zyrtec seems like a brand they can trust which can only help sales overall. And, it gives the company the ability to provide a one-on-one, personalized experience for its consumers. Think of it as daily alone time. Isn’t that what every brand wants to have with its customer base?