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HiMirror Integrates Skincare, Beauty and Voice Commerce

HiMirror represents one of the more unusual and interesting products showcased as CES this week. The product overview highlights HiMirror’s core feature of assessing skin condition.

“HiMirror is capable of assessing your skin’s condition including wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores so that you may take early measures to improve upon your skin and achieve your beauty goals. Simply take a photo and receive your skin analysis in a matter of seconds!”

I tried out HiMirror and it quickly identified wrinkles and darkened skin and provided me with a snapshot of my skin’s overall condition. The process took seconds as adverised. It also was driven by Amazon’s Alexa as you can see in this video.

Beauty Advice and Voice Commerce

The video does a nice job pointing out that the findings from the skin condition assessment can be addressed through actionable suggestions. A quick question to Alexa delivered some suggested remedies in the form of three articles. However, what it doesn’t show is more intriguing. A HiMirror representative told me that the mirror will suggest types of solution ingredients that will address skin care issues identified by HiMirror. At this time, the mirror doesn’t recommend specific products, but the marketing materials indicate this will come.

“Finding the right skincare products has never been this easy! Never lose out a chance to purchase the best performing product, just simply ask Alexa to shop for you or add it onto a shopping list.”

It is a smart capability to enable and right in Amazon’s sweet spot. The mirror can make a diagnosis, recommend a product and then the user can place an order instantly using Alexa. Now that’s convenient. HiMirror has an incentive to only recommend products that will work since it is constantly measuring skin condition and the company will certainly benefit from the user seeing improvements both visually and from the scan.

Not Just for Consumers

The HiMirror representative also commented that there is a business-to-business application for the product. She didn’t offer many details and said the program was just getting started. However, you can imagine that a cosmetics or skin care brand could install a HiMirror in a department store island, conduct free skin condition scans and recommend products for purchase.

Other smart mirror concepts announced in 2017 focused more on information and entertainment delivery through the mirror’s surface. They also tended to focus on touch interaction more than voice. HiMirror is a better conceived product because it addresses a very specific use case and ties it to continuous monitoring and improvement. With that use case depth in mind, the company also sells complementary products such as the HiSkin, Smart Body Scale and the HiMirror+. The HiMirror product was a 2018 CES innovation award honoree. HiMirror is available for purchase on the company website and through Amazon.com for $199.

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