Daptly’s Smart Display Uses Both Voice and Gesture Commands

Tech startup Daptly believes that consumers want more than voice-only commands when it comes to controlling their virtual assistants. The Daptly Display offers both gesture and voice commands for its users. Built into a picture frame or mirror, the software recognizes who is in front of it and offers a personalized dashboard for the user. It lets users check their schedule, news, weather as well to control their smart home appliances.

What makes the Daptly Display is that while it offers voice commands through Alexa integration, it also has a gesture interface. For instance, a directed wave acts as a swipe like that on a smart phone to move between its screens. It also has video chat and phone call capabilities. While it does have more features than most other virtual assistants on the market right now, the Daptly Display will cost you more than an Amazon Echo or Google Home device at $799. To view a demo of the new device, click the video below.