Jimmy Fallon Echo Show Giveaway-FI

Jimmy Fallon Gives Audience Echo Show Devices Courtesy of Amazon

In a move reminiscent of Oprah, Jimmy Fallon last night gave each person attending The Tonight Show an Amazon Echo Show courtesy of Amazon. The give-away was preceded by a demonstration of The Tonight Show Alexa skill on Echo Show. 

Fallon said, “it’s a great gift. I love this thing. I feel like everybody should have one of these in their home. If you go to Amazon.com, you can find out more.” At that point, Alexa’s voice interrupts and asks if Jimmy is forgetting something. He then says everyone in the audience is going home with an Echo Show.

Amazon Echo Show Debuted on The Tonight Show in October

This was not the first time Jimmy Fallon put the spotlight on Echo Show during a Tonight Show segment. Earlier he promoted the show’s Alexa skill which enables you to listen to, or watch, the nightly monologue. When displaying the device in October he said, “this is not a paid advertisement.” He was instead promoting his Alexa skill. His comments last night did not have the disclaimer. It was a paid advertisement, but definitely a good way to highlight the premium Amazon offering in the Echo product line during peak Holiday shopping. You might even have seen a spike in Echo Show sales before the end of Cyber Monday last night.

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