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Amazon Says Millions of Alexa Devices Sold Over Black Friday Weekend

Amazon announced today that the Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend resulted in “millions of Alexa devices sold.” It also revealed that:

This weekend, Echo Dot was the #1 selling product on Amazon globally, from any manufacturer in any category…Echo Dot was the best-selling device at Whole Foods Market over the holiday weekend.

The announcement also states that the new Echo Spot with a small screen is sold out for the holiday season. David Limp, Senior Vice President, Amazon Devices and Services commented that, “tens of millions of customers around the world will be using Alexa to prepare for the holidays.” This reinforces earlier Voicebot estimates that Amazon has already sold more than 20 million Echo devices worldwide.

TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez points out that the Echo Dot showed up at its lowest price yet on Cyber Monday, $29.99. That discounting almost certainly helped drive up unit volume as did the $50 discount on Amazon Echo Show and the $20 savings on Echo 2nd Generation. However, the “millions of devices sold” figure presumably does not include sales at brick-and-mortar retailers such as Kohl’s, Best Buy and Target. The total sales of Echo products over the weekend is certainly much higher.

How Did Google Do?

This announcement raises the obvious question, how many Google Home devices were sold during the same period? Voicebot reported Friday that Google Home Mini devices were already sold out at Walmart by 9:00 am on Black Friday. The devices were available elsewhere such as at Lowe’s and on Google’s store for the same $29 sale price. However, the rapid sell-out and activity on social media suggest strong demand for the Google Home product line. Smart speakers are shaping up to be the most popular gift this holiday season.

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