IPsoft Launches New Healthcare Solution for Its AI Platform Amelia

IPsoft’s Amelia AI platform is already being used by companies worldwide to improve the customer experience. Now, the company is looking to improve the healthcare industry. Last week, IPsoft launched the Amelia Health Agent, a new suite of product offerings designed to streamline routine healthcare practices. According to a study by Frost & Sullivan, the healthcare AI market is expected to reach $6.6 by 2021 and the company believes the best use of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing in healthcare today is to automate high volume processes so more time can be spent on quality of patient care. Chetan Dube, IPsoft President and CEO said in the company’s press release:

We have seen the hype about AI’s ability to find cures for major diseases overnight. Now it is time to recover AI’s reputation by applying advanced cognitive technology to the daily operations of the sector in order to provide demonstrable benefits to patients and the organizations who treat them.

Using AI to Streamline Healthcare at Every Level

Like Nuance, IPsoft sees an opportunity to use AI to help the healthcare industry today by giving those in the industry what it needs most: time. But unlike Nuance who aims to help health care physicians with data recording, IPsoft has broader ambitions. The company has developed a suite of Amelia Health Agents products to aid providers, insurers, carers and patients.

For instance, at hospitals, Amelia can manage operational and administrative processes such as booking rooms or coordinating patient transfers. Amelia can also help health institutions with coordinating patient care of those with chronic conditions, which according to the CDC, account for 86% of healthcare spend in the US. IPsoft has also developed a solution to aid health insurers with routine processes, like answering eligibility and coverage questions or even initiating and managing claims. David Champeaux, IPsoft’s global Cognitive Director of Healthcare Solutions commented:

Routine cognitive processes can take up to 51% of a nurse’s and 17% of a doctor’s time – which is frustrating when Health Systems struggle with affordability and workforce shortages and patients complain about access. With Amelia’s unique combination of human-like conversational intelligence, advanced analytics and dynamic processes execution, we finally have the opportunity to transform healthcare by freeing up its human capital – addressing challenges in access, quality, and efficiency.

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