Voicebot Podcast Episode 7 – Life Bot Founders Jess Williams and Oscar Merry

Life Bot is designed to be the voice application that serves all of your daily needs according to founders Jess Williams and Oscar Merry. They want you to ask Life Bot for anything you need throughout your day. Life Bot will then take care of those voice interactions that today are scattered across dozens of skills and directly with Alexa herself. The idea is to provide a voice assistant that is truly personal, helpful and works across multiple platforms. It is a concept I was sure would appeal to Voicebot Podcast listeners.

How Life Bot Came About

Today, Life Bot will help you find your phone, send text message reminders, guide your meditation and execute several productivity tasks through Amazon Alexa. The founders are adding new features each week and soon plan to launch on Google Assistant. They believe that Life Bot can be the first voice application that drives consumers to adopt voice assistants.

Willams and Merry are not new to voice app development. They started building Alexa skills for companies in 2015 while at Accenture and then founded a London-based agency, Opearlo, that helped big brands like Unilever develop their first voice applications. However, their strong interest in building a product company led them to pass leadership of Opearlo over to a colleague, found Life Bot and move from London to Silicon Valley to join the Y Combinator accelerator. Fresh from their Y Combinator graduation, Voicebot sat down with Jess and Oscar to learn about what they have learned about voice apps, where the market is heading and how they plan to make Life Bot the first voice app recognized by consumers across the globe.

Show Notes

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