Genesis Cars Now Support Google Assistant

Google is making steady progress with third party integrations for its voice assistant ecosystem. Genesis, the luxury line from Korean automaker Hyundai, today announced Google Assistant support. That means you can now use Google Home or Google Assistant on your smartphone to:

  • Remote start, lock or send a destination to their car via voice commands
  • Commands can also be sent silently using a smartphone keyboard with the Google Assistant
  • Remotely control the horn/lights
  • Remotely set climate control

Automakers Flock to Voice Assistants

Hyundai was one of the first automakers to integrate Amazon Alexa into its Genesis luxury models. The move to incorporate Google Assistant shows a continued commitment to the feature integration. It also demonstrates Google’s momentum in a space that Amazon created with easy-integration to its Alexa voice assistant. And, Hyundai is not alone in a Google Assistant offering. Mercedes Benz announced both Alexa and Google Home integration for all of its 2016 and 2017 models back in April.

Accessing Voice Assistants Outside the Home

Google Assistant integration should provide immediate benefit to Genesis owners. Alexa remains largely tethered to the Amazon Echo device for most consumers. Few people realize you can access Alexa functionality on a smartphone through the Amazon shopping app and the interface is challenging. As a result, Alexa usage outside the home is limited today to a few smartphones that have integrated it natively.

By contrast, Google Assistant is easy to access and use on smartphone in addition to using Google Home. Google Assistant also provides a text input option which can come in handy when you are outside the home in particular. That is a key point for automakers. Users are often outside the home so having access to voice interaction features through smartphones has clear benefits. Google Assistant’s smartphone features are proving once again to be a real asset in helping Google drive adoption and compete in spite of Amazon Alexa’s early lead.

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