Mercedes-Benz Launches Amazon Echo and Google Home Control

Last week, Mercedes-Benz announced that its 2016 and 2017 vehicle models can now be controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant through their respective devices. Owners can access the new features by activating and creating an account for Mbrace, Mercedes’ in-house tech for entertainment, navigation and remote controls. They can then use the voice controls through an Alexa skill or Google action called Mercedes Me. The voice commands include the ability to lock or unlock the vehicle, send an address to the vehicle for navigation directions or to start the car.

While Mercedes is not the first automaker to introduce voice controls for their vehicle, they are the first to launch this functionality for both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa at the same time. This could point to a trend of automaker’s integrating with both voice assistants inorder to reach a wider audience. Like Mercedes, Hyundai offers integrations with the two voice assistants, while Ford is taking a different route, partnering with Amazon to add Alexa inside its vehicles.