SoundHound Raises $75 Million To Build AI

SoundHound raised $75 million to build artificial intelligence that will help machines understand human voices. The startup, known for its music recognition app, is one of the few companies who has built a core AI technology from the ground up that can identify and interpret audio. The company wants other companies to use its speech AI platform, Houndify, instead of trying to build their own. The platform provides tools for speech recognition and natural language understanding.

Users also have the benefit of Houndify’s Collective AI. SoundHound’s speech recognition software pulls data from all the different sources using it platforms, providing a collaborative knowledge base that enables developers to build voice-enabled products that are better at understanding their users. The more domains using it, the smarter it will get.

SoundHound, like other tech companies, is betting big that the future will be all about voice interactions. The company believes there is room in the market for a platform like Houndify because it will allows users to retain control of their brand and its users. “If you use Amazon, you lose your brand, your users. You have to ask your user to log into their Amazon account, they have to call on Alexa, and all the data belongs to them,” said SoundHound CEO Keyvan Mohajer.