Amazon Highlights 27 Top Alexa Skill Developers and Tech Tools for Voice

Today Amazon launched a new page featuring 27 Alexa Skill developers and tech tool providers on its Amazon Developer website. A few companies Voicebot has highlighted in the past made the list, such as VoiceLabs, XAPPmedia, Witlingo and

The purpose of the page is to provide resources for brands and organizations who need help creating voice-first experiences for Alexa. “We’ve heard heard from companies that are interested in building skills, but need more expertise in designing a voice user interface or don’t have the internal resources to do the work themselves,” wrote Amazon in a blog post announcing the new page on the Alexa portal.

This clearly indicates a high-level of interest from brands and organizations in developing Alexa skills, so much so that Amazon has dedicated an entire resource page to it. Alexa and other voice assistants are creating a new industry of voice-first developers and tech tools providers, much like the mobile phone did. A year after the iPhone debuted, there were only 3,000 apps available. Today, there are more than 2 million. Currently there are only about 8,000 Alexa skills, but if mobile app growth is an indication of Alexa’s potential growth, this is just the beginning.