Tech Times – Amazon Alexa Officially Hits Mobile

Tech Times – Users of Amazon’s 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch Fire tablets now have access to the company’s virtual assistant Alexa. Users can ask Alexa to perform tasks on their tablets with simple voice commands like playing a song on Spotify or telling them the weather. One of the best capabilities is that users can easily order items off and Alexa will remember their preferences. For example, if you say “Alexa, order me coffee” the tablet will display a visual card of the last coffee brand previously ordered. Tablet users also have access to the Alexa skill store and can control smart devices through their tablet using Alexa.

The only feature noticeably missing is when a user accesses a third party app through Alexa, no visual card is displayed. Amazon is delivering on its promise made back in September to make Alexa mobile. The timing of this announcement did not go unnoticed as Google was just about to launch its new Pixel smart phone which is integrated with Google’s own virtual assistant, Google Assistant. And with Google Home being available in stores starting next week, the race to win the virtual assistant war is just beginning.