ERE Media – AI and the Future of Recruiting

ERE Media – We’ve recently written about how artificial intelligence is already being used to revolutionize the legal and medical fields. And now, artificial intelligence could change how companies recruit prospective job candidates. A large amount of recruiter’s time is spent engaging with prospects. “Social robots” could help lighten the load by answering questions and holding conversations with candidates on career sites.

AI technology could also help improve the job interview process. Although technology is being used to make this process more efficient already, video and audio interviewing products do not allow candidates or recruiters to ask questions during the process. AI technology could provide an interactive interview experience by adapting questions based on the respondents answers and responding to a candidate’s inquiries. But much like the law and medical industries, artificial intelligence will simply be used as a tool to streamline daily tasks for recruiters and help them make better decisions. No one should expect to be interviewed by a robot any time soon. LINK