AI Agents Will Create the First Trillion-Dollar Company

John Koetsier, TUNE’s mobile economist, argues that whoever wins the artificial intelligence race will become the first trillion dollar company. Why? Because that company will have unprecedented sole access to its users – and their wallets. Platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon have provided us with free access to information, entertainment and messaging. “Each of those activities has been harnessed by platform players to aggregate our time and attention and then sell it to advertisers,” writes Koetsier.

AI agents will completely change this advertising centric landscape because they will change how we shop. No longer will we select which good or service appeals to us the most. This decision making process will be streamlined by artificial intelligence agents, and in turn, give more control to the platform it resides on. “Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other AI agent platforms will take a huge amount of complexity out of people’s lives, but they will also aggregate an equally huge amount of their spending,” predicts Koetsier. Essentially, we will be giving up the freedom of choice for convenience. This is why Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are betting big on AI agents. Whoever get to consumers first will have unlimited access to our data and our wallets. And potentially, a trillion dollar reward.