New Amazon Echo Commercial Shows How Alexa is Part of the Family

Last year, Amazon debuted it’s first ever Super Bowl commercial featuring Alec Baldwin and Missy Elliott showing off the features of its Echo speaker. While the ad was funny, it wasn’t relatable to the average consumer. This week, Amazon has released another commercial that shows how the Echo can assist in everyday life. The commercial shows a dad trying to comfort his daughter after a break-up using Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.

As you can see, the ad showcases two of Alexa’s main uses: to entertain and to control smart home devices. It also demonstrates how the Echo is a family device. Anyone in the home can listen or give a voice command which means the Amazon Echo has a wider audience reach than a single user, unlike a smart phone. The commercial positions the Echo as a tool to make life easier for the average consumer, which in most cases, is not just one person, but rather an entire household. And Alexa is always present, especially with the lower-cost Echo Dot. Amazon’s new marketing strategy seems to be showing that the Echo is more than just a piece of a technology, it’s part of the family.